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Prison Inmate Pen-pal Listing Timmothy Zeigler – Inmate Penpal #071813-2040

 July 18, 2013  ¤  Male Inmates Age 41 - 45

My name is Timmothy Allen Zeigler.

I was born May 5, 1971 in Fort Myers Florida but, I was raised in Summerfield, Florida. Summerfield is near Gainsville. I was adopted at the age of 3 1/2 along with my twin and moved to Summerfield. I was not wanted by my real mother and father. I was born premature and very sickly.

My birth parents were in the habit of leaving us alone in the house for as long as several days at a time without food or bathing. I remember the day a woman showed up in a red car and took us away from there. Shortly afterward, with these events behind me, we were on our way to our new home.

Our new home was a home of love and gentleness. My new parents spent a lot of time with me and for the first time I felt loved. I saw a Doctor, had a bed of my own and plenty to eat etc. When I grew up my parents were always there. Dad worked very hard to make sure there was always food on the table, clothes on our backs and a roof over our heads.

I was taught standards, morals, honesty in everything but, something happened. When I was in my late teens I started hanging around boys that smoke and drank. I began to be rebellious and destructive, both to myself and to my parents house. They sent me to a boys school at the age of 15. I became an angry person feeling abandoned once again.

After hitting another kid, they suspended me and sent me back home. I began to straighten up, then at 20 I began to drink. It was then I got into some trouble and decided to move to Las Vegas. For a while it was nicer there.

I got a job as a porter in a Casino. After I was there for a while I got a promotion as a coin-drop machine personnel. This involved a lot of money each day. There were five locked doors on each machine which had to be emptied. There were hundreds of dollars in each machine emptied regularly.

I have held more money in my hands than some people make in a year. Most of my life has been successful, But I’ve always seemed to destroy that by getting into trouble. Being rebellious, I didn’t believe in any other way.

I just couldn’t understand why all the misfortune. But one day in 2010 while serving time in prison, this guy out of nowhere introduced himself and said to me that I could change how I was living. Hen gave me a few things to read.

After reading what he gave me, words about a man named Jesus kept jumping out at me. I was being drawn to God. I felt a weight upon me that became unbearable and I fell onto my knees and began crying to Jesus to save me from myself and forgive me Lord. I gave my life to Him and in May 26, 2011 I was baptized.

I’ve never felt so much joy in my life. That Jesus would save a con-artist and manipulator, liar and theif. I had lived my life lying and stealing for over 20 years. Jesus turned all that around and I love Him so much for it. Things are being restored and I know I am truly ‘set free’.

I know what real love is. May God bless you all.

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Timmothy Zeigler  #631666
Gulf Correctional Institution
500 Ike Steele Road
Wewahitcka, Florida  32465

  I would like letters from Women or Men.

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Sex : Male
Race : Caucasian
Date of birth : 05.05.1971
Height : 5′ 9″
Weight : 160lbs.
Religion : Christian
Sexual Orientation : Straight
Astrological Sign : —
Marital Status : Single
Have children : No
Education : — Occupation before prison : Landscaping, Welding
Activities while in prison : Continuing Education, Bible Study, Reading, Writing

Incarcerated by :  Florida DOC
Eligible for parole : No
Parole board date : —
On death row : No
Serving a Life Sentence : No
Release date : 2038
Incarcerated Since : 2009
First time incarcerated : No
Convicted of : Burglary, Petty Theft

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Gulf Correctional Institution, 699 Ike Steele Road, Wewahitchka, FL 32465

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