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Prison Inmate Pen-pal Listing Marbel Mendoza – Inmate Penpal #081413-1128

 August 14, 2013  ¤  Death Row Prison Inmates, Male Inmates Age 46 - 50

My name is Marbel Mendoza.

I am currently on Florida’s Death Row since 1995. I was born and raised in Havana, Cuba. Now 46 years old. I left Cuba in 1980 together with my parents, arriving in this country in 1982 after 2 years in Peru.

I am the only child my beloved parents had. Sadly, both my beautiful parents have passed. God knows how much I miss and need them; and never stop thinking about them. But I am comforted to know they are in a much better place.

I am just looking for a pen-friend. Someone who will be willing to write to me and help me brighten these lonely days. Someone who is fun, loving, caring, compassionate and understanding. I truly hope quite frankly to gain a sincere and loyal friend in the process.

I realize it is extremely difficult to find a true friend while in this situation. But, I also believe there are still many good people out there that might like to correspond with a person facing this hardship.

The loneliness and darkness that is this place , certainly weighs heavy on my heart and soul. I believe honesty, sincerity and communication are the foundation of true and everlasting friendship. Even though my appeals could free me as I continue to fight extremely hard for my freedom, that doesn’t change the fact that I am so terribly lonely.

My hobbies include reading, writing, sports and a great appreciation for all types of music. I am an easygoing person with a great sense of humor, ready to laugh, trying to lift those spirits around me. I truly believe life is too short to be angry and sad all the time. We only live once, so why not strive to enjoy every precious moment.

I do have a very special place in my heart for children, perhaps it is because I have two of my own. I miss the days when I used to hold them, letting them know their daddy loves them very much and always will. I pray for them each and every day.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and if I am someone you would like to get to know. I am looking forward to hearing from anyone who will extend their hand out to me in friendship, offering comfort and support throughout my long days and nights here on Death Row.

Please write soon! May God bless you…

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Marbel Mendoza  #450307
Union Correctional Institution
7819 N.W. 228th Street
Raiford, Florida  32026

  I would like letters from Women or Men.

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Sex : Male
Race : Hispanic
Date of birth : 09.23.1966
Height : 5′ 7″
Weight : 160lbs.
Religion : Christian
Sexual Orientation : Straight
Astrological Sign : Libra
Marital Status : Single
Have children : Yes
Education : GED Occupation before prison : Construction
Activities while in prison : Reading, Writing

Incarcerated by :  Florida DOC
Eligible for parole : No
Parole board date : —
On death row : Yes
Serving a Life Sentence : —
Release date : Death
Incarcerated Since : 1992
First time incarcerated : Yes
Convicted of : 1st Degree Murder, Robbery, Agg. Battery, Kidnap, Grand Theft

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Union Correctional Institution, 25636 Florida 16, Raiford, FL 32083

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