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Prison Inmate Pen-pal Listing Randall Burch – Inmate Penpal #012213-1436

 January 22, 2013  ¤  Male Inmates Age 31 - 35, Prison Inmates Serving Life

Hi, I’m on this site because I’m interested in people like you.

I’m surrounded by people, but prison is a very lonely environment. I could use your friendship. I’ve lost a lot of friends and family, mainly to death, since the beginning of this when I was arrested on Jan. 29, 2004.

I hope that you will write and fill up some of the room in my life, from all these losses. Even with all these deaths and evil around me, I am not a negative person. God has been able to use this horrible situation for my refinement.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to relate to whatever is going on in your life. I’ve been through a lot. I lived the rougher lifestyle, and now thanks to the Lord, I have the good-guy personality. So maybe I can help you see through any bad situation you find yourself in.

Don’t be scared to take a chance. You only have a couple of stamps and a small amount of time to invest. I know it’s snail-mail, but don’t let that deter you. It’s all I have at this point. Your letters to me will be received as presents to rejoice over! You’ll also have gained a loyal friend. You can see my charge and my time, but don’t judge… I’ll surprise you.

I’ll try to stay busy and continue to put a positive focus in front of myself. I enjoy art and working-out a lot. I also have a job in the cabinet shop here building cabinets, furniture and teaching.

But, there is plenty of room for you. Also, if you live in another country don’t let that stop you. You could live next door to my prison and there would be miles of cement and razor-wire between us.

I would love to meet you, but I can’t reach out to you without you first reaching out to me with your address. Please consider this posting as my reaching out to you. Consider it a personal letter to you, and you only.

I’ll be praying and waiting for your letter. I hope to hear from you soon. Truly yours, Randy.

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Randall Burch  #169121
Hamilton Correctional Institution
10650 SW 46th Street
Jasper, Florida  32052

  I would like letters from Women.

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Sex : Male
Race : Caucasian
Date of birth : 09.21.1981
Height : 5′ 11″
Weight : 175lbs.
Religion : Christian
Sexual Orientation : Straight
Astrological Sign : —
Marital Status : Single
Have children : Yes
Education : GED Occupation before prison : Carpenter
Activities while in prison : Art, working-out, vocational aid in cabinet shop.

Incarcerated by :  Florida DOC
Eligible for parole : No
Parole board date : —
On death row : No
Serving a Life Sentence : Yes
Release date : Life
Incarcerated Since : 2005
First time incarcerated : Yes
Convicted of : 1st Degree Murder – Premeditated or Attempted

Prison Inmate Pen-pals

Hamilton Correctional Institution, 10650 SW 46th St, Jasper, FL 32052

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